Our scarves are flattering eye catchers that gives your style a hint of color. It is impossible to have too many scarves! Wearing a scarf is a stylish way to keep warm in any kind of weather. The shawls, scarves and bandannas brings something extra to your outfit and they give you an opportunity to perfect your style. Give your style an oriental touch with Savanni’s ethnic scarves and create yourself a trendy bohemian look. Savanni offers scarves both for women and men.

The scarves are really versatile accessories. You can use them to keep warm, to tie your hair or to decorate your outfit. The shawls can be tied around your neck in many different ways and there is also a lot of inspiring videos on the internet to come by. Choose for example to wrap the scarf around your head as a turban or use it as a bandanna in true hippie style! There is no limit except for your own imagination!

Among the scarves you will find Palestine shawls as well as decorative Indian scarves. Savanni’s scarves are genuine handmade Indian shawls. These scarves have been decorated with prints, silver threads and different colors. The scarves are made of cotton. You can clean the scarves by hand in cool water.

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