Savanni's online shop offers a wide selection of different kinds of barbells. We have barbells with various thicknesses and the barbells can be used in many different ways. Savanni's assortment of barbells contains hundreds of different barbells so there is something for every occasion – from basic barbells to impressive detailed barbells. Use our advanced search tool to find the right barbell for you. You can for example define your search by the thickness, the length or even theme of the piece of body jewelry!

Our selection of barbells consists of barbells for different purposes and different parts of the body. From Savanni’s online shop you can buy barbells with a curved bar (bananabells), barbells with straight bars, heavy gauge barbells and industrial barbells. Most of the barbells are made of either surgical steel or titanium but we also have some barbells made of acrylic.

The thicknesses of our barbells varies from the 1.0mm extra thin barbells to the really thick heavy gauge barbells. The extra thin 1.0mm barbells or the 1.2mm thick barbells can be used for example in an eyebrow piercing, in a cartilage piercing or as an earring. Our assortment of 1.6mm thick barbells contains models with straight bars as well as models with curved bars. The 1.6mm bananas can be used as belly button jewelry and the 1.6mm barbells with straight bar are perfect for example in an industrial piercing, in a nipple piercing or in a tongue piercing. The heavy gauge barbells again, can be used as expanders.

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