Body Piercing Package Deals

Savanni's online shop offers several different package deals of body piercings that all contain 1-3 pieces of piercing jewelry. You can choose to buy the piece of piercing jewelry that suits you the best or buy two or all three different sizes at the same time at a fair price!

The packages of piercing jewelry consists of beautiful shiny piercing jewelry in different colors and shapes. These pieces of piercing jewelry can be used as cartilage earrings or tragus earrings. The lovely sparkling cartilage jewels can be used in a double or a triple piercing. Three or two pieces of jewelry of different sizes is a splendid combination if you have several piercings in your ear – with a row of shiny cartilage piercings you will most certainly attract attention. The package deals can contain piercing jewelry of three different sizes which means that even though you do not have several piercings in your cartilage you can vary the size of the jewel in your piercing from day to day according to your own preference.

The bar of the piercing jewelry in the package deals is always 1.2mm thick and 6mm long. The jewelry in the package deals is made of surgical steel.