Circular Barbells has a wide collection of basic circular barbells ranging from extra thin circular barbells to extra thick heavy gauge circular barbells. Among our curved barbell collection you will find the perfect curved barbell piercing that fits your piercing and style. You can now search for the perfect circular barbell piercing just in a few clicks by limiting the circular barbell's alternative options for example by thickness, by diameter or even by the theme!

At we give you a great choice of sizes to choose from for your circular barbell piercing. Our circular barbells' thicknesses range from extra thin 0.8mm up to very thick heavy gauge circular barbells. Extra thin circular barbells in sizes of 0.8mm and 1.0mm can be used for example as an earring or an eyebrow piercing. 1.2mm thick circular barbells can also be used as an earring and an eyebrow piercing but also for example as nose piercing, septum piercing, cartilage piercing, tragus piercing or lip piercing. If you would like to have a circular barbell as a belly piercing, nipple piercing or septum piercing, then circular barbell in thickness of 1.6mm is perfect for the purpose. All our circular barbells are made of either high quality surgical steel or Titanium.

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