Ear Piercings

From Savanni you can find a wide and complete selection of jewelry for your ear piercing. We have earrings in different models that can be used for many different occasions – there is something for everybody! Our assortment consists of hundreds of different ear piercings for all occasions which means that our ear piercings range from basic ear piercings to massive expanders. In addition we also have fake ear piercings for those who have always dreamt of having an ear piercing without having to actually pierce their ear. By using our advanced search tool you can define your search by the material, the thickness or even the model of the earring!

Our selection consists of several different models of jewelry that can be used in your ear piercing. We have stud earrings, hoop earrings, dangling earrings and ear stretchers – of course not to forget the fake plugs, fake ear stretchers and fake earrings. All of these groups of ear piercings contains several different sizes, models, colors and materials.

Ear jewelry that can be used as regular earrings are for example ear studs, hoop earrings, dangling earrings and fake plugs. The thickness of these pieces of jewelry vary from 0.6mm to 1.2mm depending on the model of the piece of ear jewelry. The stud earrings, the hoop earrings, the dangling earrings and the fake plugs are made of either surgical steel or silver depending on the particular model of the ear piercing.

The ear stretchers in our selection are perfect for those who want to stretch their ear conch. In our selection you can find expanders in the shape of tunnels and plugs of different models, different sizes and different materials. Our assortment of ear stretchers consists of tapers, spirals, buffalo horns and patterned expanders. The thickness of the expanders vary from 1.2mm up to 20mm. A large part of our expanders are made of acrylic but we also have some ear stretchers made of surgical steel, wood or horn. Our tunnels and plugs are of varying models; threaded tunnels, flesh tunnels, tunnels without threads, flare tunnels, plugs as well as tunnels and plugs that can be used as retainers. The thickness of the tunnels and plugs vary from 1.2mm up to even 50mm thick tunnels and plugs. The tunnels and plugs in our selection are mostly made of acrylic or surgical steel. We also have tunnels and plugs that are made of wood or silicone. The expanders that have been made of organic materials are handmade. This means that the sizes, forms and possible patterns of the ear stretchers made of wood or horn may vary from one piece of jewelry to another.

Fake ear piercings is a great option if you do not want to pierce your ear. We have fake plugs, fake expanders as well as fake earrings in our selection that all create the illusion of having an actual ear piercing. The fake plugs and the fake expanders that have bars are actually normal earrings that can be used in a regular ear piercing. These fake plugs and fake expanders are attached to your ear by screwing. Our assortment of fake earrings consists of many different clip on rings – everything from basic models to elegant clip earrings. Among our fake plugs, fake expanders and fake earrings there is also fake ear piercings that are attached to the ear with a small but efficient magnet.

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