Loose Body Jewelry Parts

Savanni.com has a wide and versatile collection of loose body jewelry parts in different materials and sizes for every taste. Our collection includes several loose body jewelry parts starting from the basic replacement balls and replacement barbells. You can now change the look of your piercing jewelry fast and easy with Savanni's loose body jewelry part collection. You can also create a whole new piercing jewelry choosing the right replacement barbell and replacement balls that fit your taste the best. Get ready and search for the perfect loose body jewelry part just in a few clicks by limiting the loose body jewelry part's alternative options for example by size, by color or even by theme!

Our large collection of loose body jewelry parts include both 1.2mm and 1.6mm threaded replacement balls and 1.2mm and 1.6mm replacement barbells. Our replacement barbell collection includes all the basic replacement barbells available such as replacement labret, replacement barbell, replacement banana, replacement circular barbell, replacement BCR-ring and replacement twister. Most of our loose body jewelry parts are made of high quality surgical steel. Our loose body jewelry parts collection includes also loose parts made of acrylic and Titanium.

Remember to ensure that threads of the replacement balls and replacement barbells are the right size when purchasing loose body jewelry parts.

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