Nipple Piercings

Savanni offers a large variety of nipple jewelry in different models and colors – there is something for everybody! Our assortment consists of different kinds of jewelry for your nipple piercing so you will surely find something that fits your own unique taste. We have everything from basic nipple studs and nipple rings to detailed decorative pieces of nipple jewelry. Use our advanced search tool to find exactly the right item for your nipple piercing. Define your search for example by the color, model or even the theme of the piece of nipple jewelry!

Our selection of nipple jewelry contains several different models of nipple jewelry such as the basic barbells, nipple studs, nipple rings, nipple rounders, nipple stirrups, nipple shields, circular barbells and nipple jewelry in the form of retainers – not to forget our fake nipple jewelry. On top of this we also have beautiful decorative nipple jewelry with the most splendid pendants and decorations. Make sure to also check out the latest items in our assortment of nipple clickers. The nipple clicker rings, which can be found among the nipple rounders, are easy to use. And if you have always dreamt of having a nipple piercing but do not want to pierce your nipple you can search among Savanni’s variety of fake nipple piercings. Our fake nipple jewelry is elegant and the fake nipple piercings are attached with a clip on mechanism.

All of the nipple jewelry has a 1.6mm thick bar but the length and the diagonal of the bar can be chosen according to preference. Most of the nipple jewelry in our selection is made of surgical steel but some of the jewelry is made of titanium. We also have some nipple jewelry made of acrylic. The fake nipple piercings are all made of surgical steel.

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