Piercing Needles & Supplies

Savanni’s online shop provides you with all the equipment that you need in order to easily make a piercing and then take care of the piercing.

If you want to pierce your body by yourself you can use our piercing needles and piecing tongs. Our assortment consists of sterile individually packed needles in sizes ranging from 0.8mm to even 3.2mm thick needles. The piercing tongs are also packed in individual sterile packages and the ends of the tongs are rounded. The piercing needles are made of surgical steel and the piercing tongs are made of acrylic. Remember to make sure that the piercing process is sanitary by using the needles and the tongs only once. We do not recommend that minors or unexperienced people use these needles.

It is crucial that you clean your body piercings and your piercing jewelry when a piercing is made as well as in the aftercare of the piercing. Therefore we also offer cleaning cloths and cleaning gels. These products are primarily made for cleaning piercing jewelry as well as expanders. The individually packed antiseptic cleaning cloth contains tea tree oil and is perfect for cleaning piercings and piercing jewelry. Apart from tea tree oil the cleaning cloth also contains other natural caring oils such as lemon oil, mandarin oil as well as lavender oil. The individually packed cleaning gel on the other hand is especially made for cleaning piercings and also expanders. The cleaning gel is water based and unscented and primarily meant for disinfecting stretched piercings and expanders.

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