Piercing Retainers

Savanni's online shop offers various kinds of basic retainers that can be used in occasions when you want to wear piercing jewelry that does not attract a lot of attention. If you are searching for an unnoticeable retainer you will be sure to find it from our assortment of retainers in different sizes and models.

As piercing jewelry in general the retainers are also versatile and can be used in many different kinds of piercings. Our selection of retainers consists of retainers for every part of your body. Choose from nose retainers, septum retainers, belly button retainers, tongue retainers, lip retainers, cartilage retainers, tragus retainers, eyebrow retainers and retainers for your stretched piercing.

The piercing retainers also come in many different sizes. In some cases you can also choose the retainer from two different models according to your own taste. The retainers are primarily made of acrylic. The transparent acrylic retainer reflects your own skin color through the retainer and therefore blends itself into your skin making an unnoticeable piece of piercing jewelry. Among our retainers there are also a couple of items made of surgical steel or silicone.