Savanni has a large selection of basic rings that range from the extra thin rings to the thick heavy gauge rings. Find the body jewelry ring that suits you the best by using our advanced search tool. You can restrict your search according to for example the thickness, the diagonal or even the color of the ring!

Our selection of rings for your body piercing includes rings for many different uses. We offer basic and versatile BCR (ball closure rings), segment rings, rings for your smiley piercing, special rings and heavy gauge rings. Our assortment of ball closure rings also includes easy-to-use rings that have been equipped with a fixed ball. Models that are especially easy to use can also be find among the segment rings since we offer segment rings equipped with a fixed curved bar. When attaching these kinds of rings to your body the bar will close with a clicking sound.

We also offer a wide variety of rings with different sizes or thicknesses – we have everything from the extra thin 0.6mm rings up to the heavy gauge rings. The extra thin rings can be used for example in the eyebrow, in the nose, in a smiley piercing or as an earring. The 1.2mm thick rings can also be used in eyebrow piercings, in nose piercings, in ear piercings and in a smiley piercing as well as for example as septum jewelry, cartilage jewelry, tragus jewelry and lip jewelry. On the other hand the 1.6mm thick rings can be used as belly button piercings, nipple piercings and septum jewelry. The heavy gauge rings suits well as for example expanders. All of the rings are made either of surgical steel or of titanium.

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