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Find your favorite tunnels and plugs in Savanni’s well assorted stock of expanders, piercing jewelry and fake jewelry in different materials and models. Since we offer plugs and tunnels ranging from basic models to impressive and details plugs and tunnels you could say that we have something for every occasion. Prepare yourself for stretching your ears by finding yourself the perfect tunnels and plugs in our online shop. Restrict your search for example according to the thickness, the material or even the model of the tunnels and plugs!

The tunnels and plugs in our assortment consists of many different models of tunnels and plugs such as threaded tunnels, flesh tunnels (tunnels without threads), plugs and retainers - not to forget our fake plugs. If you have always dreamt of an expander but do not want to or have the energy to stretch your ears you can search Savanni for fake plugs for this exact purpose. We have fake plugs that are attached to your ear with the help of a bar as we all as magnetic fake plugs. With these you can create an illusion of having a real expander in your ear.

The sizes and the thicknesses of the tunnels and the plugs vary from 1.2mm up to 50mm thick tunnels and plugs. Our versatile assortment of different sizes of tunnels and plugs provides the opportunity to stretch your piercings according to your own preference. The tunnels and the plugs in our selection are mostly made of acrylic or surgical steel. We also offer tunnels and plugs that are made of wood or of silicone. The wooden tunnels and plugs are handicraft which means that the properties of the wooden tunnels and plugs may vary a bit from one piece of jewelry to another.

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