Incense is an aromatic material which releases fragrant smoke when burned. All of our incenses are plant-based. The materials in our incenses originate from several different plants such as resin, bark, herbs, spices or oils. When the incenses are made these materials are dried and then grinded to a fine powder or alternatively made into a paste. In most cases the incenses are a mix of several different materials. Natural aromas are therefore combined into a charming combination of different scents. Each of the incenses have their own meaning and positive effects.

Use the incenses to create a nice atmosphere or take advantage of their healing and calming effect. The incenses are for example perfect mood creators when you want to meditate. The incenses can cheer you up and clean your mind. Our refreshing incenses also enhance the power of concentration and can give you a real boost of energy. On the other hand the aromatic materials also work perfectly as air fresheners indoors. Savanni has a wide variety of different incenses for different situations and purposes.

The incenses come in many different forms and shapes of which the most common are sticks, cones and spirals or coils. When burning the incenses you can keep them in your hand or place them in a fireproof incense holder. The incense sticks only require a simple incense holder and are therefore the easiest to use. This makes them very popular and our assortment consists mainly of this form of incenses. Here you will find Savanni’s versatile selection of incenses and incense holders – choose according to your own unique taste and purposes.