Savanni has a wide selection of both cheap and high quality earrings as well as earrings that follow the latest trends. We have a lot of different classic and also inventive jewelry models. Our assortment contains various kinds of ear studs, earrings, drop earrings, BB-earrings, clip on earrings, fake plugs and fake expanders.

Savanni’s wide selection of jewelry offers earrings for both women and men. Our earrings also cover every situation and style. Find the earrings that suits you the best by restricting the search alternatives of the earrings by for example the material, color or even the theme of the earring! Find excellent earrings from Savanni to perfect your own personal style.

A lot of our earrings belong to the “mix and match” – collection of earrings which means that you can choose to either buy one earring or a pair of earrings. You can buy trendy earrings in different pairs or create a classic look with earrings of the same model. This means that you will no longer have to panic over losing one of the earrings in a pair. Now you can freely and innovatively combine different pairs of different looking earrings.

All of Savanni’s earrings are free from nickel and does not cause allergic reactions. Savanni’s earrings are made of silver, surgical steel and nickel free brass. This means that also allergic people can use our earrings. Perfect your style with Savanni’s lovely earrings!

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