Magnetic Jewelry

Magnetic jewelry is attached to your body with the help of a small but efficient magnet which means that these pieces of jewelry can be used without having a piercing. The magnetic jewelry is best suited for use in the ear, the lip or in the nose. In these places the magnetic jewelry will most likely not fall of since the two parts of the magnetic jewelry can be placed close enough to each other. The magnetic piece of jewelry will not stay in place if there is too much space between the two parts of the piece of jewelry.

Magnetic jewelry is light and comfortable to use. Our selection consists of magnetic jewelry that can be used in the ear, the lip or in the nose. The most popular of our assortment of magnetic jewelry is the light and beautiful items that can be placed in your lip and that have been decorated with a zircon. The zircon magnetic jewelry is perfect when you want to add a bit of extra decoration to your lip. Thanks to our magnetic jewelry you can easily have a try on how it feels to wear for example a piece of lip jewelry. You can also get a picture of how the piercing will look on you - before you pierce your lip for real.

The piece of magnetic jewelry is attached to your lip by placing the magnet between the lip and the gum, gently inside your nose or behind your earflap. Then place the decorative part on top of the other part. The piece of jewelry will be held in place thanks to the magnet. When you want to remove magnetic jewelry hold on to the magnetic part and then remove the top part. When using magnetic jewelry in the nose remember to only use one piece of jewelry at the same time.

The magnetic jewelry is not meant for continuous use. Therefore you should remove the magnetic jewelry before going to bed, taking a swim, bathing, going to the sauna and before all forms of exercising, eating, drinking and kissing. If the piece of magnetic jewelry is used in the nose you should also remove it before you sneeze or wipe your nose.

When ordering magnetic jewelry for your lip or for your nose the delivery will include instructions on how to use the fake jewelry. According to the instructions made up by TUKES (the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency) the magnetic jewelry should not be used by people under the age of 14.

The materials used in our magnetic jewelry are surgical steel, silver, acrylic and wood. Find the right piece of magnetic jewelry for you by restricting your search according to the size, material or even the theme of the piece of magnetic jewelry!

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