Neck Chains & Chokers

Savanni’s wide selection of jewelry offers high quality neck chains and chokers. We have a lot of different kinds of necklace models so there is something for every style. Our assortment contains thin classic neck chains and neck ribbons as well as thick necklaces. Additionally we offer necklets with different designs so that both men and women can find their own favorites in our assortment. Find the right neck chain or choker for you by restricting the search alternatives by for example the size, the material or even the theme of the piece of jewelry!

Neck chains and neck ribbons can be used in many different ways! You can choose to use the necklets as long neck chains and neck ribbons or as a shorter choker. You can also choose to wrap them around your wrist or decorate the necklace or the choker with your favorite pendant. The necklaces and the chokers can both be used either with or without pendants.

The material used in our necklaces is either silver or surgical steel. The chokers on the other hand have been mad of leather or cotton. Both the neck chains and the neck ribbons are equipped with endurable and high qualitative locks and locking mechanisms. Perfect your own personal style with one of our unique necklaces!

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