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Savanni offers a wide selection of nose jewelry that has been designed according to the latest trends but we also have classic models that never get old. A big assortment also means that our nose jewelry is made of various materials. Find the piece of nose jewelry that suits you the best by restricting your search for example according to the material, the color or even the theme of the piece of jewelry! From Savanni you can find nose jewelry for every style and purpose.

Our large selection of nose jewelry contains nose studs, corkscrew nose studs, nose rings and nose hoops as well as nose studs with a ball on the top. The bar of the straight nose studs can also easily by curved by hand alternatively by using tweezers – curving the piece of nose jewelry will lower the risk of it falling off. Some of the straight nose studs have a small ball on the top that will ensure that the piece of nose jewelry will stay in its place on your nose. The corkscrew nose studs on the other hand are already curved which makes this an alternative that will stay put in your nose piercing. The nose rings we offer come in two different variations – either open model or as a ball closure ring. The nose rings are attached to your nose by twisting the ring until it opens and then twisting it back when placed in your nose.

The selection also contains see-through retainers that are a perfect alternative when you don’t want to attract any attention. Additionally we give you the chance to enjoy piercings without having to pierce your nose! In this case you can choose a piece of jewelry form our selection of fake nose jewelry.

Our nose jewelry has been made of high quality nonallergic materials. The materials used in our nose jewelry are surgical steel, titanium, silver, gold and acrylic.

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