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In Savanni’s selection of pendants and necklets you will most certainly find the necklace that you are looking for. We offer beautiful and discrete classic models as well as edgy necklaces in different models. Our assortment consists of pendants both for women and men. Find the right necklet for you by restricting your search for example according to the size, the material or even the theme of the necklace!

The pendants can be bought either with or without the chain. Use your imagination when assembling your necklace by choosing the right chain and the right pendant for it. Feel free to combine different kinds of pendants to get yourself a unique necklace with many symbolic meanings. The necklaces are kept close to your heart so spend some time to make your necklace one that you can hold dear.

Savanni’s pendants and necklaces have been made of high quality silver and surgical steel. We also offer different kinds of chains to the pendants. These chains are made of either silver or surgical steel. Perfect your personal style with a unique necklace from Savanni.

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