Bola Jewelry

The Mexican bola-jewelry is beautifully jingling jewelry especially made for pregnant mothers. The small brass clock inside of the jewel tingles beautifully when the mother moves and the piece of jewelry calms the unborn baby as well as the mother. The pregnancy necklace is therefore popular among expecting mothers.

The Bola jewelry is kept in a long ribbon around your neck that places the jewel on the stomach of the expecting mother. This means that the silent jingling sound of the pregnancy necklace will carry through to the baby inside the mother’s womb. The child will be able to hear and recognize the magical sound of the piece of bola jewelry from the age of 20 weeks. If the mother uses the piece of bola jewelry and on a regular basis lets it rest on her stomach the baby will learn to recognize the sound of the bola jewel in the same way he or she recognizes the mother’s heartbeats. In other words the baby will be calmed down by this sound also after the birth. Since the piece of bola jewelry will have a calming effect on the baby also after the birth this pregnancy necklace will also serve well as a wonderful piece of breastfeeding jewelry. During the mother’s and the baby’s moments together the baby can finger on the piece of bola jewelry and the well-known tinkling sound will give the baby a feeling of safety.

The Bola jewelry is very durable which means that it can be used year after year and later the pregnancy necklace can be passed down to the next generations for example from mother to daughter or to the next pregnant woman in the family. The Bola necklace can also be worn as any other pendant with a beautiful and pleasing meaning.

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