Tooth Jewelry

Dazzle with your smile! Tooth jewelry is small pieces of jewelry that can be attached to the surface of your teeth. The tooth gems belong to the most popular ways of enhancing the effect of your smile and they are effective eye catchers. The dental jewelry is a way to complete your style with a personal detail that will enhance your teeth as well as make your smile shine. Add a hint of glitter to your teeth with the help of Savanni’s gorgeous tooth gems!

The tooth jewelry is attached to the surface of your teeth by the hand of a dentist or a dental hygienist. These professionals are also the ones to remove the tooth gems from your teeth without harming your teeth or leaving a mark on them from the piece of dental jewelry. It is relatively easy and painless to attach a piece of tooth jewelry to your tooth. When it is done right it is completely harmless to attach dental jewelry to your teeth and it neither harms your teeth nor affects your eating or the cleaning of your teeth. When the tooth jewelry has been attached properly the piece of dental jewelry will stay on your tooth as long as you want it to be there.

Savanni's tooth jewelry is ordered from a manufacturer that also makes dental instruments for dentists. This means that the tooth jewelry is especially made for teeth. The back of the jewel is flat but has a somewhat rough surface that means that the piece of tooth jewelry will stick to your tooth.

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